Mark J Braithwaite's

Zombie Apocalypse Series

Some pictures are just fun to do. During lockdown way back in 2020 I started painting small oil silhouette pictures of York. Oil painting take a little bit of time to dry so while waiting in-between coats I caught myself up on the TV series the Walking Dead. I even bought some of the original comic books that inspired the series. The illustrations and the bleak colour scheme add to the whole story... So for fun I decided to paint a couple of Zombie inspired paintings to keep myself amused while painting. York has a lot of bodies in the ground beneath its visitors feet stretching back thousands of years. What if some came back for revenge... the Vikings... the Romans... or one of many famous people linked to the city. So the Zombie Apocalypse series was born, or should I say brought back!

Zombie Apocalypse Series

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Attack of the Zombie Elves

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